Primal Turporken:Turkey Stuffed with Pork Sausage

15 03 2012

Turkey… I have had turkey on the brain for some time..not sure why.

I seem to be stuffing everything lately. I have been seriously contemplating how I would do a turducken roulade, which was my original intent wrt buying this turkey breast. At the end of the day I was more excited about the ultra garlicky sausage we got at the Sausage King, so I decided to stuff that into the turkey breast creating… a Turporken or Turkpigen, whatever you prefer.

by me

1 turkey breast, deboned, skin on and flattened so the meat is even thickness
2 large pork sausage, fresh – any flavour you want
Tajin to coat
wax paper

Take turkey breast and debone if you need to leaving the skin on the breast. Filet some of the thicker bits so they spread out a bit, and then squish it between to pieces of saran wrap or wax paper. Hit turkey with a rolling pin to flatten and create an even thickness of meat. it makes baking it easier and you wont have uber dry bits with rarer bits this way.
Once “flattened” empty the contents of two garlic pork sausages onto the flattened meat.

This next part is where you can’t be squeamish to touch raw meat. You need to roll this up, making sure the ends are tucked in and twine the whole thing so it all stays together in one piece. You may need to call in an extra set of hands for this. At this point either place this in saran and pop in the fridge until you are ready to cook, or slip this into a roast pan, with a sprinkle of Tajin over the whole thing into a 325 degree oven. My turkey breast was almost 3 pounds but also stuffed, so I made my life easy and stuck a meat thermometer into it to tell me when it was almost done.

The house smells yummy when turkey is cooking. Ken and I were pretty excited to eat this, because we rarely have turkey outside of Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Look at this beautiful thing.

And the inside was equally exciting.. hi pork friend. We found the pork kept the turkey uber moist. I am going to experiment with this some more.



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18 03 2012

Looks amazing!

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