Have a Heart… literally

17 05 2012

I bet you all thought I was cooking up some hearts, didn’t you? It is one thing I am slightly squeamish about. This post is all about knitting!
I have a bunch of friends who are in various stages of pregnant so my summer knitting is lined up with fun and cute knitted or sewn objects for all of them. I am going to make a sleep sack…I am kinda excited, and have just finished this stuffed heart for a friend and her soon-to-be hubby who is a doctor.
I figured this was a better knitted project than some of the other “medical” knitted stuffed toys patterns out there.. who wants to knit let alone gift a “Baby’s first Teratoma”… teeth, eyeballs and hair..REALLY?

knitters are crazy.

So have a good day, and ‘have a heart’ in a Bonnie Raitt 90s sort of way today!



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