If Elvis were alive, he would be Paleo

26 06 2012

I am not sure why I had this idea in my head when I woke up the other day, but as I was coming out of some serious REM sleep I did think “Elvis would be paleo and I need to make some Elvis inspired food”.

As I was making the sliders I thought “these really aren’t paleo at all with the peanut butter in them”. Well, there is great debate over the peanut butter – nut butter issue. I leave it up to your own decision whether you want to partake in peanut butter or not. All I can say is this is a fabulous slider recipe! I will admit they are low on the “attractiveness” scale, as I have had really low energy lately. My workouts have been pretty hard so I am not surprised, and as a result, I am on a Ken-enforced break from the gym for this week, hence why I am sitting on my couch blogging the months worth of recipes that I am behind on.

Elvis Turkey Bacon Sliders

by me

1 lb ground turkey
7 slices of bacon
1 small banana
7 teaspoons of chunky peanut butter
1 tinfoil lined pan

Preheat oven to 375 on bake and line your pan with tinfoil so you dont have a mega mess to clean up after. Because I find ground turkey moist on it’s own, I never add an egg or any binder to it these days. I quite literally plunked the turkey into a bowl and divided it into 7 to 8 round sliders, each slider weighing around 2 ounces each. Before I set each slider into the pan, I slide a piece of bacon on the bottom of each, letting the ends come together on the top of each slider.

This is where the banana and peanut butter comes in. I cut my small banana into 7 pieces, wiped approximately a teaspoon of peanut butter onto one end of the banana bit, and shoved the peanut butter end first into the turkey meat, wrapping the bacon to cover the banana bit. The idea here is that while the turkey is baking, the peanut butter will melt but by creating a well in the meat, it isnt going to melt all over the bottom of your pan. Repeat to get each of the sliders primed with their bananas and peanut butter.

Pop these bad boys into the oven and make sure you swivel your hips a bit…because that is what Elvis would have wanted. Bake for 30 minutes and check for done-ness. I had to crack into a slider and popped mine back into the oven for 10 more minutes until they were completely cooked.

Let them cool, and WLS serving is one slider. I served this with a cucumber-tomato-goat cheese side that Ken whipped up whilst the Elvis sliders were cooking. As well, there was an extra smear of PB on the top of the burger when we served it. While they aren’t fancy looking, they are extremely delicious and leftovers are equally exciting, even eating them cold.




One response

30 06 2012

Ohhhh! This is great…I would add a big slice of a kosher dill to the sliders as well. Pre paleo my comfort/hangover food was a toasted dill pickle (moishes) and pb sandwich. I smear some alond butter on a oishes pickle every now and again…so good!

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