Hands off my “Biscuits”

24 08 2012

I am SUPER excited about this recipe.. sometimes the best things come about as a surprise. A failure in one area created a WIN in another!!

SO..I miss smearing butter and jam on things…I am not going to lie. Bread, bread products, pancakes etc. were a gateway drug for sugary sauces, essentially making everything like cakes. As far as I am concerned spreading oodles of jam and fat on toast, bread etc. is essentially eating a “breakfast” twinkie.
Those days are over.. I miss them but they are dead to me. I know myself enough that having sugar free jam on a crumpet would cause me to fall back into old habits. I often say it is the memory of eating these things that are actually better than the reality as my reality (an stomach) has changed.

One of my guilty pleasures when I travel was biscuits from the south, and smearing jam and butter on them. They serve them hot, they are full of oh so good lard, and wheat. In my attempt to make something like an english muffin for a breakfast sandwich, I actually fell in love with this recipe as a biscuit. While this recipe doenst really work for me with an egg.. it was okay, but way too much happening, I really like as a snack, with some jam. It has a biscuit quality to it, it takes like 3 minutes to make in the microwave, contains whole foods and can be made sweet or savoury. We made the first batch with cheese (not paleo) and some premade bacon BUT throw a couple of strawberries, cocoa, or cinnamon and this becomes a whole other creature!

I am SUPER excited about this recipe!!

Grain Free Microwave Biscuits

originally suppose to be Egg McMuffins.. but FAIL

1 large egg
1 tsp butter (weighted out is 0.15 oz) or ghee, or coconut oil

1/4 cup of almond flour
1/4 tsp baking powder

1 6 to 8 ounce ramekin sprayed with PAM

chili powder
1 oz cheddar
1/2 strip of bacon, chopped
vanilla extract maybe? with blueberries? .. possibilities!

So grab your pyrex measuring cup.. or basically a microwave safe glass container. Set out your ramekin and spray-grease the insides. You are set. Pop the FOC (fat of choice) into the pyrex and nuke it for 30 seconds to get it melty-almost melty.

Make sure pyrex isnt too hot, because when you crack in the egg (go ahead and do that now, crack the egg in) you dont want the egg to “cook” in the pyrex. Swirl the melty FOC and egg around to mix. Add almond meal and 1/4 tsp of baking powder and combine. This is where you can add your sweet or savoury to enhance the flavour of your biscuits. We added chopped bacon, cheese and a bit of garlic powder. Pour into the ramekin and pop into the microwave. Nuke for 2 to 3 minutes given the strength of your microwave (I nuked mine for 2.5 minutes)

They come out of the ramekin looking huge!! Pop out of the ramekin and slice them in at least half, because there is no way you’ll be able to eat a whole one. These two will be sliced in half and I will eat a half. Note the muffin top part of the “biscuit” will be a bit chewier than the stump part of the biscuit.

This recipe makes one ramekin, which, cut in half, is 2 biscuits, nuts quoted are for 1 biscuit (this is for the base recipe, without cheese, bacon or whatever else you want to add so adjust accordingly)
Calories 133 Carbs 4g (NET 2g), Fat 12g, Protein 6g, Sugar 1g

So not a bad snack item!!




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