Cold Coffee Concentrate: The Answer to World Peace?

26 08 2012

I ask you, ‘What can’t a good cup of coffee solve?’

Well in our house it definitely eases us into the morning, or winds us down at night. For YEARS I could never figure out why pre-brewed refrigerated coffee tasted not so wonderful. I wanted it to be better than it was.

I should have known the answer is in chemistry! Science really has ALL the answers.

When you brew coffee, there are something like 47 different bitters that are released into the brewed coffee and when it is served hot, it tastes okay. When it is served cold, all you get is a mouth full of acid…BLEECH! Essentially you are infusing water with fine ground coffee to give you a light, bold tasting coffee concentrate. Even better is that you can save this precious coffee concentrate in your fridge for a month.. so make up an uber batch and throw it in smoothies in the morning, splash a bit of cream in it for an afternoon treat, throw some into your niece and nephew’s sippy cup on the car ride back to mom and dad.. endless possibilities.

Cold Coffee Concentrate
aka Elixir of the Gods

So this is a REALLY REALLY super easy recipe.
1 pkg of vaccum sealed Italian fine ground coffee (I used Lavazza)

Italian coffee has a finer grind and a bold flavour that many don’t love hot brewed but would be surprised cold brewed!! $3.99 at your grocery store

a container that holds a gallon of water (so 16 cups of cold water)
a colander
paper coffee filters
a bunch of large glass jars (to store the world peace elixir)

So grab your large container and empty the entire contents of the coffee into the bottom. Add half the water (so 8 cups) and use a whisk to give it a good stir making sure all the grounds get mixed into the water. Add the remaining 8 cups of water.

So far, so good. So now comes the hard part.. pop on a lid and neglect for 12 hours, either in the fridge or out of the fridge.. your choice.

I usually make this up after dinner and mess with the “extracting” part the next morning after I have had breakfast and a coffee.

Time lapse 12 hours. I grab my colander and some paper filters. You will need to change your filters out a couple of times as they slow down from all the coffee grounds. Pour 2 cups at a time into you filter and let it slowly strain into an awaiting bowl. Decant the elixir into containers and pop into the fridge for up to one month.

To make an iced coffee from this, add 1.5 cups of coffee to a glass, add some ice (which if you want to be all funky, made out of coffee as well) and I add 1/4 cup of 5% cream (which is the half and half light) OR coconut milk 🙂 I won’t bother with nuts on this stuff because it is variable, but 5% cream add 60 calories, and half and half (10%) adds 80 calories… and yes, those ARE coffee ice cubes:)




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