Paleo Pity Party? Not with this Shepherd’s Pie

23 09 2012

Ken and I have had a bit of a “holiday” from Paleo… meaning I have eaten some sugar free peanut butter cookies I made with some wheat flour, and maybe have thrown back a sesame snack or two over the last week or so. WELL, my tummy has been in distress so I said to Ken yesterday, ‘After we head out to the boat for BBQ, I am solidly back on the paleo bandwagon, my gut can’t take it’ Ken’s response was “No kidding, who knew your system was so delicate? Not to mention the farting is getting to me” Good grief but it is true. My system does not like garbage, and when I throw any grains in now, it rebels.

At the BBQ at the boat Ken went a bit heavy on the corn on the cob, given we were clamping down as of today. He mentioned to the table he was ‘living large’ because tomorrow we were back squarely on a paleo diet. Everyone at the table groaned and murmured “how horrible”.

SO fast forward to two weeks later… when it is Ken’s turn to make dinner for “Man-date” out on the boat. Ken wanted to do a lamb based dish, which was fine. I wanted to something one-pot but took some finesse, as all these guys know how to do is to char meat. So I picked a Gordon Ramsay “Shepherd’s Pie” recipe.
We baked up a side of brussel sprouts with bacon, and whipped up a some peach crumble bars for dessert (sugarama).

I liked Gordon’s recipe for a couple of reasons… firstly a good shepherd’s pie is lamb only! Cottage pie is with beef! Secondly I can never get the starch topper crunchy and loved his secret ingredient of egg yolks to make everything set. I also liked this recipe because it was completely paleo and they had made such a huge deal about how awful and restrictive the paleo diet is..

I made a baby one for us earlier in the week, to test drive the recipe. Better than I expected and seems with Fall here, the start to the comfort food season.

True Shepherd’s Pie
from Gordon Ramsay (addtions in brackets)

2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 lbs Ground Lamb
1 large Onion, grated
1 large Carrot, grated
2 cloves Garlic, grated
2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp Tomato Paste
2 sprigs of fresh Thyme leaves
1 sprig fresh Rosemary, chopped
1 cup Red Wine
4 cups Chicken Stock

4 tbsp butter (OR FAT OF CHOICE – WE USED GHEE)
2 Egg Yolks
6 tbsp Parmesan cheese, grated

Preheat the oven to 350°F and get a deep casserole dish prepped. I am a lazy cook, so smearing fat on the inside of a pan makes me happy on many different levels.

Heat the oil in a large pan until hot.
Season the ground lamb and fry in the oil over moderate to high heat for 2-3 minutes.
Stir the onions and carrot into the mince then grate the garlic in as well.
Add the Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree and herbs and cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly.
Pour in the red wine and reduce until almost completely evaporated.
Add the chicken stock, bring to the boil and simmer until the sauce has thickened. Add salt and pepper to taste

(this takes awhile… soupy-licious but the smell in your home is insane.INSANE)

Meanwhile, cook the (sweet) potatoes in boiling salted water until tender.
Drain then return to the hot pan over low heat to dry out briefly.
Pass them through a potato ricer then beat in the egg yolks, followed by about 2 tbsp grated Parmesan.
Check for seasoning.

Spoon the lamb mixture into the bottom of a large ovenproof dish.
Using a large spoon, layer the mashed potato generously on top of the lamb mixture, starting from the outside and working your way into the middle.
Grate some extra Parmesan over and season.
Fluff up the mashed potato with a fork to make rough peaks.

Bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes, until bubbling and golden brown.

This is a dish worthy of dinner guests. After I made I was bummed that I was sending most of it out to the boat because those guys would hoover it back and not realize how the fresh herbs and wine really makes this a home run.
For a non-Lamb eater, this was delicious. Don’t pity us paleo-low carb people.. be happy that we are sparing you the agony of eating this delicious dinner while you eat some crap from Pizza-Pizza.




5 responses

23 09 2012

damn that looks awesome. Lamb kinda makes me gag a little, so I might have to totally ruin it with beef, but the wine in there sounds divine.

23 09 2012

I agree on the lamb thing. I can honestly say I didnt taste the lamb through everything else that was happening in this dish. I would recommend beef or maybe some yummy elk or bison. This was a good time

23 09 2012

i can’t wait to try that i have so fallen off the low carb diet and I am glad that you have this blog thanks for always being there.

24 09 2012

ahh.. that is SO sweet Rita. Keep plugging away at it.. little baby steps in a better direction is better than not doing anything at all. Best of luck

12 11 2012

I’ve heard that a true Shepard’s pie was made with lamb, not beef. One day I will definitely try this. I could use some comfort food. Hence why I’d like to make some brownies, that are healthier brownies lol

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