Fitbit Addiction: No Intervention Required

25 09 2012

Fitbit ROCKS! and no, I have no kickback or endorsement deal with the people at Fitbit.

“SO what is this Fitbit thing you are so insane about?” you ask. It is LIKE a pedometer but not. It is a clip you wear all day and it measures steps, but also intensity of activity, and has an on board altimeter that tracks stairs climbs. You can’t cheat by hopping around, as it uses the same technology as in the Wii to track movement, so it knows when you are moving and in which direction.

Tracks ALL Activity
So for example, it is noon at work, and this is my activity chart for the morning (click to zoom in on the image)

It Tracks Sleep
This little thing also can be worn as you sleep and it records every time you move around, which in turn signals how many REM sleeps you had, and the “efficiency” or “quality” of your sleep. I am a FABULOUS sleeper I guess. I printed off my stats for a week of sleep to show my doctor and did you know the average sleep efficiency is 60%? No wonder people are grabbing crappy sugary food so they can stay awake. How awful. If you REALLY want to be good to yourself, get a good rest. Surfing the internet is way less of a priority than a good rest, especially if you are battling weight issues.
So you wear your Fitbit in a band on your wrist and push a button when you climb into bed.(click to zoom in on the image)

It takes a charge for about a week, and you clip it on a stand to charge it back up. The charger stand is a way to synch the device to an online tracker-food-sleep system, similar to MyFitnessPal. It also works with MyfitnessPal and will track all calories burned from a day’s activity, but it ignores the sleep component (BOO..IMO the coolest part). It is wireless though, so if you are wearing it and within 20 feet of the stand with the Fitbit log open on the internet, it periodically updates throughout the day. Super cool,non?

What motivated me to buy this??
Whelp, I had a bit of a weight fluctuation over the summer, and it also corresponded with a change in (shield your eyes men) birth control and a new gym. I felt like I was on track all summer but the scale went up 7 lbs in 3 months and I had a bit of a “WTF” moment. Let’s face it, we were fat, and were pretty good at the whole denial game. I bought this to see if I was active as I thought I was. It turns out I am way more active then I thought and when I switched my BC back around (sorry boys for the TMI) I dropped all the weight in 3 weeks. I am back down to my “fighting weight”. It is scary to have a weight fluctuation when you have spent the last three years getting the weight off and never wanting to go back.

So Christmas is coming, and Fitbit just released a newer model of the one I have (which is the Fitbit Ultra). For $100, it is a good thing to put on your Xmas list. Quite frankly, what geologist in their right mind doesn’t love a motivational message like this every day???




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9 11 2012

Thanks for all the details.. I wondered what it was all about. sounds very neat.

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