Cuba Snacks: Apple Oatmeal Protein Snacks

23 04 2013

I was asked to post this by one of my WLS friends when she saw it on my food diary.
I sometimes eat these when I am on the go, but because they contain oats, I usually refrain from them. Ken eats them in the morning with coffee because he can pop them into his mouth, and they have a nice carb-protein balance especially for a diabetic. Diabetics coming off of a fast whilst sleeping need some quick energy. He is pretty pokey in the morning so anything I can do to make the morning go smoothly is a good thing for both of us.

I have made a batch to take with us to Cuba … we are snackers, that hasnt changed much, and sometimes with a full day in the sun and swimming, you just need a little something-something to get you to dinner. These are great because they wont melt in the sun, and are sweet; a couple of these and a handful of nuts are a WAY better choice than the lady who is making deep fried churros coated with cinnamon and sugar on the beach. I curse that woman and her donut goodness.

Can I take a minute to just say that I have been walking around the house all weekend doing this

…worrying about if I am too flabby to wear a bikini in a week’s time. I am also coming up to a milestone 4 year anniversary of my surgery and feeling ambivalent about it. More on this in a later blog.. now to the recipe.

Apple Oatmeal Protein Snacks

1 cup of raw cashews, soaked in warm water for 30 minutes
2 tablespoons sf maple syrup
8 drops vanilla stevia
1 1/4 cups uncooked large flaked oatmeal OR protein cereal
1/2 cup of dried apple rings, chopped
1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder

Grab your food processor because while you don’t have to bake these, you do need to whirl them up! Drain cashews and throw them into the food processor, pulse until they get sandy. Add maple syrup and stevia and whirl the mixture around until everything is incorporated into a paste.
Add dried apple rings, pre-chopped and cereal of choice (oatmeal or protein cereal) and whirl. It will start to cement together into a dough at this point, but be fairly sticky. Last step is to add the whey protein, which acts like a binder and cements everything together. IF by some chance your mixture is too dry and wont roll into balls, then add a squirt of sf maple syrup and give is a pulse in the processor for a bit. These do firm up in the fridge once they have chilled and last a week or so.

I forgot to take a pic, so this pic is stolen from the internet, but they honestly look exactly like this.
apple protein

makes 12 servings, or 24 balls
82 calories Carbs, 8g (7g NET), Fat 4g, Protein 3g, Sugars 3g



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31 08 2013
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12 09 2013

Thanks! These little protein balls are great for on the go food. Enjoy

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