Caffeine Jello = Solid Coffee = Delicious

21 05 2013

I don’t know why, but I am really liking jello right now. Of course I want to branch out of the “normal” flavours in the store and do my own thing. Maybe it is because some of the people I know are on their pre-surgery fast, so I feel for them? I am partly gravitating to lighter snack options as I am up 2 pounds from Cuba and my body isn’t really letting those two pounds go.

Enter coffee jello. I have made coffee jello in the past, but felt it wasn’t as easy as it should be, so I was playing around with unflavored gelatin and leftover morning coffee last night and re-worked my original coffee jello to make it much easier to make. This recipe is as easy as making jello… which is pretty darn easy even for the baking impaired.

Coffee Jello
by me

1 1/4 cup of cold coffee
1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt
12 drops of vanilla stevia
2 pkgs of Splenda (it could have used one or two more)

1/4 cup of very hot water
1 pkg of Knox unfavoured gelatin

Assemble the ingredients. Essentially I used the cold coffee from that morning and grabbed a small ramekin. I poured 1/4 cup of ultra hot water in the ramekin and floated/stirred in the unflavoured gelatin. This is called blooming the gelatin.. not a blooming onion from Outback, which use to be a good time until they published it has 8 billion calories in it. I digress.

Heat coffee and sweetener until just before boiling and add bloomed gelatin and stir until it is dissolved.

Whisk in greek yogurt and pour into 4 half cup cups and refrigerate until gelled up… at least overnight.
While the coffee did layer out a bit from the mixture, these taste really good. Some might find that they would like them a bit sweeter, so adding a bit more Splenda would fix that. Each serving has 4grams of protein and 30 calories.. more or less dependent solely on the Greek yogurt you use, and whether it is 2%, full fat or 0% milk fat. Totally your call.




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