Voodoo Sweet Peppers

15 09 2013

We had one of the last BBQs of the summer this past weekend and Ken urged me to blog about these peppers. I love mini anything, so mini sweet peppers falls into this category. We first tried these camping this summer.. what is easier to travel with than cheese strings?

Our cheese guy at the market would be eye rolling at us buying string cheese, but it really suits this recipe well as all string cheese is essentially a partly skimmed cheese, so you get melting but not oozing, which is important as you will be grilling the peppers with the string cheese inside of them and you dont want the whole thing to erupt on the BBQ.
This is a great make ahead side if you are heading to a BBQ or having people over, so you can prep and cook everything on the grill.

Ken thinks these look like voodoo dolls given all the toothpicks I used to contain the melting cheese.

Voodoo Mini Peppers

by moi

1 bag of mini peppers, any colour (found at the grocery store)
1 bag of string cheese, any type you want (moz, cheddar, mixed..the world is your oyster)
pre-cooked bacon (optional but fantastic)
salt & pepper

Grab the bag of peppers, give them a rinse, and with surgeon like skills, create a T-shaped incision into the pepper, with the top of the “t” at the widest part of the pepper. Get a cheese string and eyeball the length of the pepper and cut string accordingly. Sometimes you need to shave off a little bit to make it fit and that little bit falls into your mouth. Shit happens!

Once the string cheese is in there you may be able to get the other bit that didnt fall into your mouth nearer the top of the pepper.
Like so:

Once that is done, add the bacon if you so choose (trust me, huge mistake if you dont) and tether the edges of the pepper closed with some toothpicks.

At this point throw them into a lined baking sheet and bake under the broiler in your oven until the peppers are yielding, so 10 minutes or so OR pop them into the fridge until the BBQ gets lite and put them on direct heat for 10 minutes or until the pepper skin starts to blacken.

These are a fantastic side to BBQ burgers or just about any BBQed meal. We didnt get any after pics because we inhaled them. Each pepper is minimal calories, but the cheese string is approx. 85 calories and 7 grams of protein and the pre-cooked bacon is 40 calories and 3 grams of protein per slice, so essentially converting a veggie into a protein powerhouse with minimal calories and fat.




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16 09 2013


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