Bacon Chocolates & Other Hardships..

7 10 2013

So I was at CBPSO conference in Cambridge this past weekend and what a great time. There was a 150 participants at the convention and I got a huge swag bag of vitamins and supplements! Hurray for free stuff. Lynn and I did a seminar on baking post weight loss surgery and I thought I would roll out some of the recipes we presented as I want to reference them.

Bacon Chocolates with a touch of bacon salt on the top… who says life post weight loss surgery is tough??

Life is handing us lemons at the moment. We have a cat that is being put down after 15 yrs this week, a friend who is having a medical procedure today and a family member who is going through a rough patch at work. I worry about them all and hope life moves on an upswing for them all. A speaker this weekend talked about understanding the peaks of life and feeling gratitude in times of valleys. For me, I just wanna hike out of the valley and be done with it.LOL

Bacon Chocolates

72% cocoa chocolate bar, preferably one made in Europe OR sf chocolate chips (from Bulk Barn) * my fav is the PC from Superstore/Loblaws
1 pkg of pre-cooked bacon
Muffin paper liners or silicon cupcake trays

Grab a microwave safe bowl and chop up your chocolate bar into uniform pieces. Pop into the microwave nuking chocolate for 45 sec intervals, and giving it a good stir every time until melted.  Be careful not to over cook chocolate or it has a tendency to seize up.

Pour melted chocolate into muffin liners held by muffin tin.  I use about 1 tbsp of melted chocolate per liner as it gives you a nice amount ~ 0.20 ounces of chocolate per serving. Add a garnish of chopped bacon, or a nut etc. Whatever you fancy to the top and pop into the freezer for an hour.  Pluck out of the muffin tin and make them look fancy on a plate for your party.
bacon chocolates
Serving sized is approximately 0.20 ounces of chocolate or 5.7 grams and 1/12th of a slice of bacon.  Calories are 35, sugars 2g, protein 1g, carbs 3g. If you add the bacon you can add another 3 calories per serving.




One response

7 10 2013
Yvonne Elsdon

these were absolutely delicous 🙂

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