Cookie Dough Bites: Not Tube Food

8 10 2013

I think everyone can relate to secretly eating some raw cookie dough at one point or another in their lives. I have the Martha Stewart of mothers, who makes everything from scratch. Her mantra is “I can do it better than buying it at the store” The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree I
As I got older and started shopping for myself, I was secretly excited to buy things like Kraft Mac & Cheese and Pillsbury cookie dough in a TUBE! How atomic age cool is that having food in a TUBE?

Fast forward to today and while I wouldn’t dream of touching the cookies in a tube because there are more chemicals in it than real food, I like the idea of having a version of it, especially if I am going to make some ice cream at home. Hi vanilla ice cream with cookie dough chunks!

This is my version of Chocolate Chip cookie dough from a tube… It is also Paleo, so as far as I am concerned.. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

Give this recipe a try and see how it stacks up against the tube alternative.

Cookie Dough Truffles
recipe by moi
½ cup of butter, melted
½ cup of sf maple syrup
1 cup of almond flour
¾ cup of coconut flour
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
¾ cup of sf or high cocoa chocolate chips
Coating (optional): 72% or higher cocoa chocolate, melted in the microwave

Melt butter on stove or in microwave and add to a large bowl with the sf maple syrup. Add in the vanilla extract and then the two flours and give everything a large stir. You may need to add more flour, 1 tbsp at a time, until the mixture starts to pull off the sides of the bowl. Add the cinnamon and the chocolate chips.
Roll each into the desired size and pop into the fridge to chill overnight.

The next day you can melt chocolate in the microwave to coat or eat them as is. This recipe made 40 small balls, so definitely enough to bring to a party. The texture is a bit more grainy because of the coconut flour, but this is still a good time and an easy no-bake-but-looks-fun dessert to bring to a party.
Would you say no if someone handed you this??




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