2014 Goal: To Meet Mr. LottoMax

2 01 2014

I had an up and down year in 2013 that tested my resolve to put myself first and to not let life throw me into a whirlpool that forced me to keep my head above water.
After spending time with family over the holidays, taking a break from work, and looking back on my year, I have come to the conclusion that “working” Katherine dominated 2013. Once I step away from my daily career job, I put on various other “work” hats on my ‘off’ hours. I haven’t taken a night off to just watch TV, or sat through an entire movie, read a book or started a new knitting project in 2013. I moved away from blogging because people expected it from me, which sucked the fun out of it.
This past weekend just before the New Year I was sick… super sick. I usually push through sickness but this Saturday I just couldn’t and ended up taking a nap. When I woke up Ken said to me “you must be super sick because you never nap”. He’s right.. it was my first nap of 2013 and the first time that I wore my pajamas past lunchtime. Ridiculous that I am that structured.


This year I have decided to just have more fun, to hit a knit night at the Purple Purl at least once a month, to take a course just for the fun of it and not because I should or need to for work, to allow myself one day off a week that I am not running to a class at the gym or a cooking class for someone, to avoid people who just take and take and never give, to do more Yoga and to laugh. I have always struggled to live in the moment. I currently live in the ‘next steps’ of any future projects, planning my workouts for the week and my next day’s dinner and sorting out next steps in ongoing projects.

I started doing Joga each morning and committed to a month of practice to get back into a routine. This is my 30 day Yoga Un-challenge :). Every day I get up an hour early and start my day off with something that I love. I am grateful for my life, my work, my family and friends, my existing cat Kelvin.. all of the above is just fine-tuning.

Happy 2014 everyone and let this be a year full of hope, looking good naked and meeting Mr. LottoMax 🙂




2 responses

3 01 2014

I have just begun reading your blog, I have had WLS and love your recipes. I love knitting, crocheting. My passion is making Quilts. Sorry to hear your were so sick. Your right it is time to slow down and smell the roses. Enjoy something just for you, because you are worth it.

3 01 2014

Thanks Debra. Lovely quilt on your blog. The “sick” was a terrible head cold and nothing more, but I just didnt have an ounce of energy to push myself to do anything more than lie on the couch.
I plan on posting more recipes this year.. it doesnt take much to snap a pic of whatever I am whipping up in the kitchen.Thanks for commenting on my blog !

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