Latte Cubes; Snack of Champions

25 03 2014

People think I am slightly crazed about jello. I eat it maybe 4 times a week. Whether people call it jello or panna cotta, it is all delicious to me. I have always eaten sugarfree jello but recently started to make versions of it for my nephew Sam. sam's birthday

Sammy loves texture in foods, and while he wasnt fussed about cake on his birthday and really preferred the paper plate, we made him tropical juice flavoured gummies for his birthday that he sucked them back. I have since tried a chocolate-banana-almond milk smoothie gummy that was a huge hit, and raspberry-coconut milk gummy. He is teething and so these are one of the only things he eats when his mouth is off.
The last batch of raspberry-coconut milk gummy cubes were fantastic, and Ken and I ate a bunch before I brought them over to my nephews-niece. I said to Ken, “I should make some adult versions of these for snacks.” and so the espresso latte gummy was born.

You could do green tea, or chai or whatever fruit you have in the freezer. My creative wheels are turning. Cool refreshing snacks that have a whack of side benefits.. WIN WIN! I just recently found unflavoured gelatin at Bulk Barn. I have included the measurements for whatever you end up using below.

Gelatin is fantastic for you.. no lie. I grabbed the list below from Wellness Mama. Tell me these aren’t good reasons to eat gelatin especially since a lot of WLS patients experience these things?

Why Gelatin?
– Supports skin, hair and nail growth
– Good for joints and can help joint recovery
– Can help tighten loose skin
– Can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track
– Great source of dietary collagen
– Source of protein (though not a spectacular one) but its specific amino acids can help build muscle.”

Gelatin is largely composed of the amino acids glycine and proline, which many people don’t consume in adequate amounts as they are found in the bones, fibrous tissues and organs of animals and as a population, we don’t consume these parts as much anymore. These amino acids are needed not only for proper skin, hair and nail growth, but for optimal immune function and weight regulation!

Glycine, which makes up about 1/3 of the amino acids in gelatin powder is anti-inflammatory and evidence is finding that it can help speed wound healing. Glycine in gelatin can also help improve sleep ease and quality.

PSA for gelatin – over

Latte Gummies

2 cups of strongly brewed coffee (or any hot liquid of choice)
2 packages of KNOX gelatin (or 2 tbsp of bulk gelatin)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup of Splenda

1 can of coconut milk
2 packages of KNOX gelatin (or 2 tbsp of bulk gelatin)
1/4 cup of Splenda OR 8 drops stevia
1 tsp vanilla extract

If you make this with hot coffee or green tea, then you dont have to boil anything! What you do need to start with is a hot liquid. Add the 1/4 cup of splenda to the hot liquid, and stir until dissolved. Sprinkle the gelatin over the hot liquid and really whisk it in. Gelatin likes to sink to the bottom, so really make an effort and give it a good stir for at least a minute. Prep a 8 x 8 pan (or whatever shape you want to make) and wipe a the bottom and sides with a paper towel that has a slosh of oil on it. This will help with the set jello popping out from the pan and not creating a mess.

Pop into the fridge for a couple of hours. Once the first layer is gelled, open the coconut milk, heat it up to almost boiling on the stove, add the Splenda and stire until dissolved, add the stevia, vanilla and unflavoured gelatin and give it a good stir.
jello coffee and milk
The only difference on technique from above is THAT YOU NEED THIS TO COOL TO ROOM TEMPERATURE before you pour it over the set espresso layer. If it is too hot, then it will start to re-melt the bottom layer and you will have mixing. Which isnt really a big deal because it will taste the same going down mixed or unmixed.
Pop back into the fridge for a couple of hours. Once everything is set, run a knife along the outside edges of the pan, and invert on a cutting tray. It should just slip right out of the pan. Mine stuck a little bit in the middle.. which Ken used as an opportunity to say “those are for me. You can’t eat ugly food!” and gobbled them up.
jello flipped out of pan

I got 54 squares out of a batch in an 8 x 8 pan. I calculated a per square nut so you can eat lots or some… up to you. On average, I can squish 6 cubes into a half cup container for work.
Calories 17, Carbs 1g, Fat 1g, Protein 1g
jello finale




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