Meat Week – Rosemary Lamb-sicles

14 06 2011

This was a recipe from the Canadian Living for Father’s Day.. because Father’s must love lamb and generally, meat on sticks.

I am not a huge fan of the lamb but there are a lot of different flavours happening in this that I thought I would give it a try. It is important to expand your meat horizons ! Ken loves lamb and I love Ken..

Incidently, we finally got our wedding photos back.. hurray ~ 6 weeks before I our first wedding anniversary.

Ground Lamb on Rosemary
From Canadian Living, June 2011

4 branches of fresh rosemary
1 tbsp coriander seeds (I used ground coriander)
2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup chopped fresh mint (I omitted this because Ken hates mint)
2 tsp lemon zest
4 tsp lemon juice from above lemon
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 egg, beaten
1 lb ground lamb

Get rosemary sticks out and soak them in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes. This is to prevent the whole thing from catching fire on the grill. I had less issue given I was going to broil these dans la oven.
Soaking the sticks

Toast pine nuts, coriander and cumin seeds and crush slightly.
Throw everything into the bowl with the ground lamb and squish it around with your hands until thoroughly mixed.

Divide into 8 portions, and shape oval logs around the rosemary sticks, two per sticks.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes so everything firms up around the rosemary sticks. I really didn’t have much luck with them sticking so I sorta squished the balls around the rosemary in a tinfoiled pan, like a thin meatloaf.

I lined my pan with tinfoil because I wanted easy clean up. Broil for 15 to 20 minutes, watching them and flipping halfway through cooking. **i didn’t do this part as it would mangle to sticks more, and thought it was best to leave well enough alone.

Fat on these arent fabulous and we didnt love them. Not gonna lie to you all.
168 calories
2 g carbs
14 g fat
9 g protein
1 g fibre


*Sigh* Peanut Week Ends !

21 02 2011

thank you Natalie Dee !!!

My apologies to my readers that I left you hanging in peanut limbo ! My good friend Jude got married this weekend and I have a house guest arriving so I was full on primping and cleaning mode.
Here is a photobooth shot of Erica, Jude, Cat and myself. It makes me laugh as it reminds me of one of those Vatican “Madonna and child” paintings.

It always amazes me how productive you can be when you realize someone is coming to stay at your house. Those little DIY projects that have been hanging around for a year suddenly get done. Gotta say the office a.k.a. “man room”, where our guest will be staying, looks marvelous.

On to the recipe !! This is a offshoot of regular coleslaw, something Ken and I eat quite regularly as it is crunchy, full of fiber, and a nice side without it being too caloric. Variations to this could be a scoop of peanut butter to make the dressing a bit more creamy, and up the protein a bit. Serve this salad with some grilled meat, bring to a pot luck or picnic, funk it up with some alt vegetables.

Spicy Cilantro-Peanut Slaw

5 cups coleslaw vegetable mix (or shred your own cabbage
1/2 cup peanuts, salty or not
4-5 sprigs of green onion, chopped
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 inch chunk of fresh ginger

4 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp of sf honey, or spenda
1 tbsp peanut oil
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sriracha sauce (hot garlic “cock” sauce)

Mix all the greens together in a large bowl. In a side bowl mix up the dressing, use a fork and give it a good stir so everything is blended. Pour over greens

This refrigerates really well, so make up a big batch and let it marinate in the fridge for up to a week. Because there is no mayo in this, it is so fabulous to take on the road and you dont have to fear that it will “turn”.
This recipe makes 6 cups of salad, WLS portion is up to 1/2 cup, depending on how much protein you pair with it.
Nuts are calories 55, Fat 5, Carbs 7.4g, Fiber 1.25g, Protein 2g (just over 6g of effective carbs per serving)

My Just Desserts

21 09 2010

I am feeling good these days.. Handling stress better than I ever did, getting out to run a couple of times a week and generally feeling I have my crap together.

This was crystal clear this weekend when we attended our friend’s wedding, Mark and Melanie. They rented a Victorian (haunted) Inn in the Kawarthas and had a weekend event there. We rented a cottage 7 minutes away from the Inn, as their families had all the rooms occupied. It was an incredible event.. More pictures of that at the end of this post.
What was really outstanding was the eating and socializing. Wedding was outside, pics outside after whilst guest roamed the lawns sipping cocktails and eating apps. I had apps!! 2 of them, a glass of wine, and dinner. Dinner was 3 courses… A lovely fresh tomato basil soup ( 4 spoonfuls), Boston lettuce salad with poppy seed dressing (2 smallest leaved), and chicken with broccoli and mash (a bit of each).

I sorta fizzled out around 11pm, as the others started to ramp into many beers… So my stamina isn’t 100 percent, but I could eat everything and felt “normal”.
The reason for my low energy wasn’t apparent until I got home on Sunday and wanted chocolate … and Peanut Butter… TOGETHER FOREVER. Serious cravings…. so i made these two desserts, and had one of each. The rewards of maintenance…. 2 desserts and each of them a-okay for me to eat.

Jude’s Mini Cheesecakes
1 cup almond meal (you can get this at grocery store)
2 tbsp hersey’s SF chocolate syrup
2 pkg of splenda (i used some malitol instead)

combine until a sandy consistency and press into mini cupcake holders. Use a 1 tsp per cup to yield 20 cups. I think i was a bit generous and ended up with 18 mini cups at the end of it.


1 pkg of cream cheese, room temp
1 heaping tbsp of whipped peanut butter
2 shots of SF peanut butter syrup
1 egg
1 tbsp of cocoa

whip it up ! it will be silky and yummy and scoop into mini cups, so each one is 3/4 full.
Bake in a preheat oven for 15 to 17 minutes.
Nutrition on these varies depending on your yield but range in the 55 to 75 calories range with 1 to 2 grams of protein.

Ken licking the peanut-y chocolate spoon

FUDGE version 2.0
The other Chocolate Bliss was this fudge recipe. I did notice that I managed a typo in the recipe, and also realized that is why the last batch tasted a bit buttery. The recipe should be for 1 stick of butter = 1/4 cup not a 1/2 cup. So the nutrition on these babies just got better 82 calories 4 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fat.

I dont know if this was the PMS talking, but these were HEAVEN. I also think that malitol is WAY better than Splenda and I used organic chunky PB, which seems to give it more of a PB flavour hit.

Ken and I at the wedding

Bacon Caramels…

8 08 2010

Oh yes I did !

I gave them away at our favours table at the wedding… people loved them. I should go into business !
The favours table had homemade Niagara cherry jam, bacon and non bacon caramels (homemade), fresh roasted coffee from Green Merchants of Coffee (near our house), cigars with K & K bands (thanks James and Amy), vintage handkerchiefs, and vintage comic books.. and there was also a kid’s section.

Bacon Caramels

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup butter
1 cup heavy cream, divided
1/4 cup maple syrup

Bacon fried to a crisp. The amount is up to you. I used the entire pack, cooked it really well, and then crumbled.

Reserve 1/2 cup of the heavy cream. Combine all the other ingredients in a medium sauce pan. Stir to combine. Set on medium high heat. Stir occasionally and cook until 240*. The candy is now at firm-ball stage. Remove from the stove and carefully stir in the remaining 1/2 cup cream. Place back on the heat and continue to cook to 245*. Immediately remove from heat and stir in a portion of the crispy bacon. Pour the caramel into a buttered dish. Scatter the remaining bacon on top. Let set for at least 3 hours before cutting.

Pre-Wedding Freakout

20 07 2010

So.. i haven’t had a pre-wedding freak out yet.. my shoes have not shown up from eBay, i didnt freak out, i just called Canada Post and voila, they tracked them down. I will say I could eat a horse each and every day.. which tells me it is there, the stress, bubbling under the surface.
For the first time since I had surgery 14 months ago I got angry walking down the cookie aisle at the grocery store because i just wanted a cookie. I think I am so use to dealing with stress by eating it away, this has been a bit of a challenge for me.
My weight continues to slowly drop, so I dont think I am going to mess this up, but i certainly have the ability to eat, I just choose not to.
Sucks large !

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Fudge.. it’s a beautiful thing

20 07 2010

SO.. early on i made a recipe for chocolate peanut butter protein fudge… and it was underwhelming, so i forgot about the recipe. My friend Cat reminded me of it, so i dusted off the recipe and tweaked it a bit to make it delicious. This fudge has a grainy consistency, but it is a chocolately treat. God knows we have both been stress eating.. stupid wedding.

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup simply Jif or natural peanut butter
1/4 cup Philadelphia cream cheese
3/4 cup Splenda
1/4 cup cocoa (the best quality you can afford)
2 scoops of chocolate whey powder

Microwave butters together, cut cream cheese in the heated butters and combine, add Splenda and stir.
Add chocolate whey powder and cocoa powder

Line a 6 1/2 inch square pan (Corning ware) with parchment paper
pour into pan and chill

Nutrition on these are a bit on the fat heavy side, but they wont kill you… i find cutting them up in to 1 inch cubes and putting them in the freezer prevents nibbling
20 squares, 82 calories, 6 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein, and only 2 carbs

The Motherload & USPS Stupidity

15 07 2010

My friend Sonya and I grew up in Southeastern Ontario, home of Heinz ketchup, and Green Giant corn.. incredibly fertile soil. So Sonya went home a couple of weeks ago and brought me a basket of “fresh” stuff from the Leamington.

Why do I get excited when someone brings me vegetables ? Everything is fresh, and just delicious. I also think there are things here I wouldn’t normally buy, so there is a challenge in trying to use it. I think I was most excited to use that puffed up zucchini ball thing.. i saw it like a pepper, and of course stuffed it with a meaty cheese blend and just roasted it, until it was moist and delicious. Ken called a do-over yet there was only one.

On another note, wedding is full gear, and both Ken and I have decided we are more excited about vacation than we are about our wedding. Ah well, it will be good when we have nothing else to plan. I am worried that my fluevog shoes havent shown up yet and USPS doesnt have tracking outside of the US.

Because as we ALL know, nothing exists above the 49th parallel. I was ranting about this to friends who mentioned that this is an actual Trivial Pursuit question.. what percentage of Americans can name the country to the north, and the answer is only 45% ! D’oh